Down time is the number one IT expense in business today

It's time to take control!



    Introducing UltraWatch, a customized computer systems and network monitoring pr

    Introducing UltraWatch, a customized computer systems and network monitoring service designed specifically for Financial Institutions.  wanting to stop aggravating members and losing money due to down

    Are you tired of finding out from your members that
    your systems are down?

      Ex-Cel Solutions has joined with longtime partner UltraData to offer you UltraWatch,
a monitoring service customized for credit unions like yours. With UltraWatch,
your network and servers are monitored 24x7 to help you:
  • Optimize network performance
    • Both Unix and Windows Services
    • Watch for trends in system use to determine potential improvements
    • Reduce downtime/reduce business interruptions
  • Maximize IT investment
    • Free up your IT staff to focus on long term goals for the
      Credit Union
    • Predictable IT expense
    • Access to broader and deeper level of expertise from Ex-Cel Solutions, Inc.
  • Enhance capacity planning
    • Easy to read graphs and charts
    • Justification for future IT expenditures
    • You have more time to focus on your business, not your technology
  • Proactive network monitoring
    • Error and alert notification
    • Notifications via email, text or pager
    • More eyes on your network
    • Peace of mind

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